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We are a company specialized in the organization and production of events. We provide service to our clients and we organize our own events.

We own the necessary logistics (sound equipment, lighting, audiovisual, transportation, storage, etc.) for the realization and management of any event.

28 years in the events sector have made us specialists in the contracting and management of fairs and congresses, conventions, presentations, inaugurations, musical festivals, concerts, etc.

Our other face

We are very proud of our team of professionals, always ready to make the most of every project we work on.

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agustín muñoz

New Projects

Alberto alonso

Production Manager

Ana Ruiz

Financial Manager

Carles Rubinat

Base Manager

Carlota Fontes


Daniel Cervantes

Design Manager

héctor h. cebrian


Joanvi Díez


Santiago navarro

Base Manager

juanvi alberola

Accounts and Projects

José garcía

Accounts and Projects

Luis miguel rivero


Marta Morant

Administration and Management

Roberto Arribas

Accounts and Projects


We thank our clients for accompanying us during the more than 28 years of experience of Sagarmanta.

‘Sagarmanta has a team of professionals capable of surprising you at all times by the versatility and approaches of their proposals for events”.

Jordi Mayor

Deputy of Tourism, Diputación de Valencia

‘You are a company in which I can delegate the production of my events, because over time you know me so well that you anticipate my thoughts.

Sebastian Bialecki

Office Manager, GTV Spain

“What I like most about them is their contribution to the improvement of events and the speed with which they deal with unforeseen events. Their attitude is always 100% positive.”

Francisco Ahedo

Executive Events, Heineken

“As a great advocate of creativity, Sagarmanta is a source of inspiration to create events together. A good ally.”

Rafael Armero

Armero Estudio

“When events are a mirror of your brand, you have to know who to delegate them to. Sagarmanta is my best option.”

Mar Castaño

Events Manager, Las Provincias

 “We have been working together for many years and the personal treatment with Sagarmanta’s team is the best guarantee of success, very professional and with a very high quality technical level.”

Giorgo “Kobra” Carnelli.

Executive Producer, Festival Rototom Sun Splash


We are a company specialized in the organization and production of events for our clients as well as in the promotion of our own events.

We have the necessary logistics (sound equipment, lighting, audiovisuals, LED screens, transportation, storage, etc.) for the realization and management of any event.

We present ourselves as producers and event organizers, we are partners of agencies, companies, government agencies and public administrations, including individuals. We do everything we are asked to do, improving it if possible due to the knowledge and experience we have in the field.

Contact us

Sagarmanta, S.L.
C/ Forners 16, 46980
Parque Empresarial Táctica
Paterna, Valencia


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