Organization, planning, design and execution of musical and corporate events.
Adequacy of spaces and venues.


The services we offer in Sagarmanta can be divided into three sections.



Artistic and musical.


Organization, planning, design and execution of musical and corporate events. Adequacy of spaces and venues.



Audiovisual equipment and technical personnel. Sound equipment, lighting, production, recording, LED screens and systems and accessories to operate. For any type of event.

Corporate events

At Sagarmanta we specialize in the planning and execution of corporate events, managing everything from logistics and technology to the coordination of participants, ensuring a high impact experience and a resounding success for your company.


We collaborate with our clients in the organization of their congress, from the programming of lectures and activities, through the management of guests and participants to the organization of catering and artistic participants of the event.

sport events

One of our specialties is the organization and support to sporting events among which we highlight the support to the organization of events of first division teams of the Spanish league and the organization of marathons.


For 28 years we have been performing and producing concerts of renowned national and international artists for public and private clients.

We manage the contracting of artists with the managers as well as coordinate all the technical needs to guarantee the success of a spectacular show.

We can provide the necessary technical equipment for both concerts and festivals and we have enough equipment to carry out several stages and set-ups at the same time.

product presentations

When it comes to product or service presentations, there are an infinite number of ways to do it. Many of our clients ask us for advice and information when it comes to designing the presentation of their product, taking care of the event to the maximum and the brand they represent.

There are some basic rules that are part of our advice such as never improvise, study the profile of the people attending the presentation, make the presentation to people not to companies, get the client to participate, etc.


A trajectory of more than 28 years in the organization and creation of shows gives us a different vision of the world of the event, in constant search of new proposals to offer to our clients, we are conscious that not everything is invented and that what exists can be adapted to each request.

It is our obligation to be up to date with the latest trends and to know what works, so that when we plan a show our clients will remember it over time as an event to highlight.


We manage and coordinate the assembly of all the elements required for an event, concert or festival; power generators and electrical installations, cleaning, fencing, construction of stages and removable structures, bleachers, security and surveillance, medical services, assembly assistants, catering, etc.

We have a very experienced event production team led by professionals with many years of experience in the sector and with many successfully managed events.

own events

The experience over the last 28 years has allowed us to participate in many events and organize our own events, consolidating them over time as Global Robot Expo Madrid, Festival Mar i Jazz Valencia, Music port fest Sagunto, ENTER Valencia, Love To rock Valencia, Famas Fest, etc..

In addition to providing services for our customers, design and execute their events for years we develop and implement our own events and products that keep us up to date with the needs of the market and the needs of our customers.


We would like to thank our customers for joining us during the more than 28 years of Sagarmanta’s experience.


We are a company specialized in the organization and production of events for our clients as well as in the promotion of our own events.

We have the necessary logistics (sound equipment, lighting, audiovisuals, LED screens, transportation, storage, etc.) for the realization and management of any event.

We present ourselves as producers and event organizers, we are partners of agencies, companies, government agencies and public administrations, including individuals. We do everything we are asked to do, improving it if possible due to the knowledge and experience we have in the field.

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